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Advanced Leadership for Engineers

Dominic P. Perrotta, P.E.
Course #0010065_5124_10759
PDH: 5 hrs
Price: $40.00

Course Overview

Advanced Leadership for Engineers will greatly benefit every engineer and technical employee who have aspirations to advance within their companies, or to take their resumes to the next level. This course defines the principles as well as the qualities necessary to assume a leadership role. This course then goes one step further by explaining how this leadership role becomes a strategy for advancement into the management hierarchy of the company. Course highlights include the following:
Some techniques that may surprise the reader
An emphasis on developing relationships and acting in a mature manner
Communications strategies that allow an individual to climb the ladder of success

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives
1. Learn the skills that you need to advance within your organization and company.
2. Learn how to develop an attitude that will unlock the potential of others.
3. Practice the qualities that will elevate you to a strong leadership position.
4. Acquire the techniques that will make you a qualified leader.
5. Develop a management style that will allow you to advance in your company.
6. Learn how to create teamwork to enhance your organization's performance.
7. Develop communication skills among your subordinates, peers, and management groups.