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Anti-Friction Bearing Fundamentals

Jonathan Russell, BEng Hons
Course #2020050_7874_11090
PDH: 2 hrs
Price: $20.00

This course can be taken as a video course or as a written course. To access the course video, the course must first be purchased. The video can then be accessed by clicking on "My Account" and then clicking on the "Video Courses" tab.

The written pdf version of the course is accessed using the download link to the right which also has a copy of the quiz. This version of the course can be taken before paying. We recommend downloading the course materials and the quiz so that you can take the quiz as you listen to the course or read the course.

Course Description

Humans have been using anti-friction bearings (rolling contact bearings) for thousands of years. But what are anti-friction bearings? Why are there so many different types? And why does every engineer need to know a little bit about them? The answers to all of these questions are in this course!

The course is designed to take you from zero to hero concerning anti-friction bearing knowledge. Even if you already have some background bearing knowledge, this course will serve as an efficient refresher. Hope to see you on the course!

Learning Objectives

In this course, you will learn:

• History of anti-friction bearings.
• Bearing theory (friction, loads etc.).
• Bearing functions.
• Bearing lubrication.
• Bearing components.
• Bearing terminology.
• Ball and roller bearings.
• Bearing types (thrust, angular, self-aligning etc.).
• Which bearings are suitable for which application.
• And a lot more!


There are no special prerequisites for this course.