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Soil Stabilization for Pavements

U.S. Army Engineers
Course #0003006_133_10639
PDH: 2 hrs
Price: $14.00

This manual provides guidance for the design and improvement of the structural quality and workability of soils used for base courses, subbase courses, select materials, and subgrades for pavements construction for U .S . Army mobilization facilities . This course is applicable to all field operating activities having mobilization construction responsibilities .
Criteria and standards presented herein apply to pavement construction considered crucial to a mobilization effort . These requirements may be altered when necessary to satisfy special conditions on the basis of good engineering practice consistent with the nature of the construction . Time-consuming methods and procedures, normally preferred over quicker methods for better quality, should be de-emphasized. Lesser grade materials should be substituted for higher grade materials when the lesser grade materials would provide satisfactory service and when use of higher grade materials would extend construction time. Work items not immediately necessary for the adequate functioning of the facility should be deferred until such time as they can be completed without delaying the mobilization effort.>