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An Introduction to Water Desalination

J. Paul Guyer, P.E., R.A.
Course #0005475_3189_8940
PDH: 4 hrs
Price: $32.00

Course Description

This continuing education pdh class will introduce you to water desalination technologies, processes and methods. You will learn the importance of site and water source selection. You will be introduced to an approach for selecting the appropriate desalination technology and process. You will learn about distillation/condensation techniques, membrane techniques and ion exchange techniques. You will find out how to develop process concepts, evaluate their utility, and move forward into preliminary design for projects and sites where water desalination is an operational requirement. This course will give engineers and others an introduction to technologies, processes and techniques for treating saline water, such as from the sea, to provide potable or suitable process water to meet the operational requirements of facilities and activities.

Course Outline

1. Site Selection
2. Water Source Selection
3. General Process Selection
4. Distillation/Condensation Techniques
5. Membrane Techniques
6. Ion Exchange Techniques

Specific Learning Objectives

• Learn about water storage and system modularization
• Learn about the typical desalination flowsheet
• Learn about typical reverse osmosis desalination processes
• Learn about cellulose acetate and polyaromatic amide membranes and their use in membrane desalination processes
• Learn about electrodialysis reversal desalination technology
• Learn the importance of energy conservation and efficiency when evaluating desalination processes
• Learn about high temperature distillation/condensation techniques
• Learn how multiple effect evaporation units are applied
• Learn the characteristics of multistage flash-evaporation units
• Learn about low-temperature distillation processes and how to apply them
• Learn when to use vapor compression techniques in water desalination
• Learn about applications of a multistage flash distillation facility
• Learn about the importance of waste heat recovery evaporation process
• Learn the fundamentals of the vapor-compression vertical-tube distillation system
• Learn the principles of electrodialysis desalination