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Advanced Project Management Techniques - II

Dominic P. Perrotta, P.E.
Course #010066_5150_9339
PDH: 4 hrs
Price: $40.00


This course in project management is a continuing attempt to improve the prospects for existing project managers and would-be project managers to manage a successful project. This course provides the student with a series of case studies of actual Project Managers and projects for which they were responsible. Advanced Project Management - I is not a prerequisite for this course which is meant to be a sequel to APM-I, and is intended to broaden your knowledge about how successful projects are managed. Once you have completed this course, you will realize that there are no perfect projects, nor are you expected to be a perfect Project Manager.

This course is divided for all Project Managers into three important categories, which were previously defined in APM-I:

1. Leadership

2. Decision Making

3. Project Team

In each category there are two different case studies, and in each case study the Project Managers utilized certain techniques, mostly orthodox but some unorthodox, in order to bring the projects to successful conclusions. Regardless of the paths that were chosen by the Project Managers, their implementation of the core principles of quality project management proved to be a huge asset. You will also recognize that, although these Project Mangers may have had different levels of experience, they all went about their business in a confident and professional manner.

The last part of each of these above three categories tries to give an interesting account of people that we either know or have read about who faced similar challenges in the sports world. The projects that each of them managed was simply their livelihoods. Through diligence, wisdom, and an understanding of those around them, they were able to be successful in their life's projects.

The fourth and last section of this course relates what actually took place following a major fire at a large manufacturing plant. In this case study, the Project Manager went beyond anything that he was obligated to do, resulting in a great savings to the plant as well as significant future benefits to his engineering firm and to himself.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, the student will be able to:

Deal with various-sized engineering firms on a professional and personal level
Recognize and implement the further definition of leadership
Manage projects for local, national and multi-national companies
Understand more clearly the definition and methods of decision making
Respond to problems and complications with confidence
Successfully function with different types and characteristics of project teams
Spot opportunities for your firm and yourself to gain valuable experience for future projects and future promotions